Who We Are

92.5 Dream FM is not just a radio station, it’s a Lifestyle! Dream FM embodies the urban youth and all those who aspire to be. We have a unique blend of entertainment gist, great topical discussions on relationships, lifestyle, sports and much, much more and of course, fantastic music hits from around the globe. After all we are all about ‘GOOD MUSIC – GOOD TALK’. Every young adult’s life is played on our station, influenced on our station and lives on our station. Meanwhile, we cannot forget our older clients, the MUSIC CONSCIOUS ADULTS, they too relate to the beat and enthusiasm of Dream Fm Experience.

The Dream FM listeners are the young, young at heart who thrives to be successful and appreciates style, latest gadgets, and fabulous social life. In reality, the dream listener is the ideal target audience for every advertiser, in short, what you may call a DREAM TARGET AUDIENCE.

Dream Fm listeners are tomorrow’s decision makers and today’s innovators willing to try out the latest bank products, clothes line, breakfast cereal, fast food music……… they want it all and in collaboration with our advertisers, we will give it to them.

Life as we know it has ceased to exist. It is now a 92.5 DREAM FM lifestyle.

92.5 Dream FM is a subsidiary of Prime and Power Media Limited, firm per excellence of Nigeria Broadcasting.



To deliver ethically compelling, value driven programmes and in so doing enhance the lives of Nigerians with respect to premium educational content, news material, and ethical entertainment.



Is to become, and thereafter to remain the best radio station in its class in Enugu area and ultimately in Nigeria.



Creativity will be the hallmark of all work at the station. Creativity in outlook and orientation of the station’s key staff, and fostering of high value purposive creative programming on an ongoing basis in the staff which will inevitably impact the listener positively with particular reference to the wholesome development of the Nigerian family.


To continually seek out fresh area of interest, new and current programme content aligned to the station’s editorial policy, and to foster in the station innovativeness in problems-solving so as to be better able to achieve the Stations Vision.

Trust and Integrity:

For the station and all its Executives and Officers at all levels to always strive to win and keep the trust of the listener and aim to become in his or her mind, the place to which, if and when in doubt, he/she can refer for the veracity of information in the public space, without bias as to religious creed, sex, nationality, tribe or ethnic origin, or political affiliations.


By this is implied by the subjecting of all of the above values to requisite rigour in the production of every material which the station put s into the public space. This entails subjecting each and every member of its key staff to demand to always produce its very best quality of work in the best interest of the public.


The Audience:

Our Station’s Programme will be directed primarily to the ‘family’(this is first by the age bracket(13 – 45 years) and value orientation as well as by culture and taste, but secondly and importantly also by the concept of “key unit/building block” of the greater society) in the Enugu area, including adjoining states. Therefore the ‘Family’ referred to belongs to both the professional classes and others who are aspiring to acquire ‘status’, that is, a say in the way they conduct their lives, with ‘good taste and breeding’ i.e. the family as individuals and as a unit where there is a longing for  and aspiration to higher levels of information, education and entertainment beyond that which merely titillates and is facile.


The station will be driven by these unique tenets to create a broadcast medium for dissemination of materials in the following key areas:

  • Education
  • Public Order and Conduct
  • Family ennoblement
  • Philosophies of life
  • Arts and Culture
  • Business
  • Ordinary People’s daily lives and experiences
  • Youth Empowerment

With regards to the penultimate above named,- “Ordinary People’s daily lives and experiences” the Station will focus especially on the interplay of life and living within the Nigerian Family as they rise to ever increasing challenges of living and developing in the Enugu area Nigeria in general.

Therefore to achieve these stated objectives our Station’s Editorial Policy shall be:

The promotion of high ethical standards across the board in all its programmes irrespective of the key areas stated above, and without any bias as to ethnic origins, religious creed or persuasion, gender etc. and in order to broadcast to its target audience (The Family), materials which will have an uplifting effect on them and enable them to become better focused and more highly motivated, value adding achievers in their day to day lives.