Title: the Breakfast Club

Main Host: Jude, Reginald

Element Extras: Osondu, Frankie, George*

Time Element Host + Remarks
5 am – 5.45am Dream BreakFast Club


Jude, Reginald and Nekar

Day Starter

Motivational, lively, and interactive with the ability to attract and engage the early risers.

6.30am-6.45am The Shout Jude

Aimed to get people up, encouraging them to start their day with zeal

6.45am –7.00am Electronic Press Review Jude

Review news stories of the day from online newspaper headlines

7.00am – 8.00am Talking Sports  Osondu ,jude, George Guest

The sports show should involve more indebt analysis, inserts, interviews and reviews. The interaction should be via social media.

8.00am – 9am Birthday Show Jude

Focus on the days’ birthdays + celebrations + anniversaries. Share details that make the day ‘special’…famous people birthdays, interesting history facts. Call at least one celebrant daily.