The Breakfast Club

Title: Dream Breakfast Club

Main Host: Jude and Reginald

Element Extras: Osondu, Frankie, George*

Time Element Host + Remarks
5 am – 6am Dream Breakfast Club


Jude, Reginald

Day Starter

Motivational, lively, and interactive with the ability to attract and engage the early risers.

6.30am – 6.45am The Shout Jude

Aimed to get people up,encouraging them to start their day with zeal

6.45am – 7.00am Electronic Press Review Jude

Reviews news stories of the day using online newspaper headlines

7.00am – 8.00am Talking Sports Jude + Osondu

Frankie, George, Guest

The sports show should involve more indebt analysis, inserts, interviews and reviews. The interaction should be via social media.

8am – 9.00am Birthday Show Jude

Focus on the days’ birthdays + celebrations + anniversaries. Share details that make the day ‘special’…famous people birthdays, interesting history facts. Call at least one celebrant daily.