Video: Waje Decides To Quit Music

Waje being one of the most talented and (supposed) successful musicians in Nigeria; regrettably, if care isn’t taken, we may not see her in the music section professionally again.

Waje is not the only frustrated artiste, she’s not the only one nursing the thought of quitting music, and she’s not the only one investing without seeing deserved results. Let us respect her courage in venting her anger and letting the public know what is going on with her.

A lot of Nigerian artistes have come and gone due to similar reasons, if I start to mention names, I’ll probably not end this piece because I’ll like to analyze the situations that surrounded their exit, but let me focus on Waje for now.

Waje is not quitting music because she’s broke, she’s quitting because she’s true to herself, if many musicians would do this, they’d probably have music as a side hustle with a decent job/business and not as main hustle lots of of them are claiming.


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