Got The Sauce? A Blend of New Generational Afro-Pop-ish Wave by JezzyKen

Sauce - JezzyKen

Got the sauce?

If you ever went on one of those TV or radio quizzes where you have to name a genuine new generation musical maestro in a minute, the name should be JEZZYKEN?

That’s because the musical genius that is JezzyKen has penned so many great hits in his lifetime – and virtually all of them are catchy and memorable.

I say virtually because during this fantastic “Quarantine Personal Music Binge’ i bumped his Sub-Zero EP for a good 13 minutes and it felt like seconds. With hits like Ecstasy, Jogodo Vibes, Pull Up and SAUCE, i didn’t want it to end. I was engaged, drawn and captivated to the point that i googled and searched for more materials of his to consume.

Fortunately, that search yielded some result cause i found Into Me. A brand new song that he released earlier this month. But the question is: Have you got the Sauce? No? Well, thankfully, i am here to catch you up to speed but before then, give Sauce a listen. I’ll keep you updated on who this musical polymath is…

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