What Sauce Must A Good Song Have?

Sauce - Jezzyken

What makes a great record? Sure, one could say this question is relatively personal and rightly so. There are general markers that make one like a particular song but there are also some basic rules that great songs must follow. If you were to examine a handful of the most successful or popular records of the last four decades, they do have certain things in common: Intro, verse, bridge, chorus, middle 8, etc springs to mind!

But that’s from research. Our personal research and there is a huge possibility that we could be wrong. Now, last week we introduced you to Sauce. A song that was written and recorded by Jezzken (@iamjezzyken on Instagram), an artist that is taking the music industry by storm. The hit is an instant catch. To a first time listener, it sounds familiar from the first bridge and we are curious as to why that is. This week, we are carrying out an experiment on what makes this song THICK. We want to find out why you love the song. So, please tell us in the comment section.

If you haven’t heard the song, check it on any music download/streaming platform. I guarantee you will not regret it: Sauce by JezzyKen. That’s the sauce!

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  1. There’s a lot to why: the lyrics, the hook, the delivery, the beat, the melody, the voice and pitch. The whole ensemble is great

  2. I didn’t like this at first but constant airplay by Dreamfm has made me fall in love with it. Lovely jam. His voice is unique.

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