New Release: Vibes Season EP.


“It’s one of the best collections of songs that I’ve heard in recent times,” says a music critic. “I am so hyped for this project and how well it’ll do because it’s an absolute mood’s jam, ” says a popular On-Air Personality and music producer.

Those are a few of the many reviews we’ve gotten about the Vibes Season. A fan, Fredo B, even wrote: “After hearing this song I am sure this ep will be fire 🔥” this is coming after only listening to just 30 seconds of a teaser off the EP, titled “Blow My Mind‘. It goes to show that the hard work that Jezzyken put into this masterpiece paid off.

As of this morning, Vibes Season has been premiered in about 13 radio stations without incentivization. It is getting rave reviews and his phones are chiming nonstop. The project according to him is “inspired by love, the need to lift peoples’ spirits at these difficult times”, and he delivered.

We have attached the songs from the EP for your listening pleasure, do tell us the track you love the most. JezzyKen, you came with the heat in hot weather and we completely love it! Thank you for gifting us these classics. Follow Jezzy on twitter @jezzyken1 and @iamjezzyken on Instagram.

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  1. Nice song Jezzyken. You’re always have a way of reaching the souls musically.
    Nice beats too. I really love the song, got all songs on replay. Can’t choose any cus they’re all awesome 👏
    Keep up the good vibes and you will go places…

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