Vibes Season: The EP


It is said that Music is the ocean that pulls one to the shore. Where words fail, music speaks. It speaks of the pain, of the sorrow, of the lost, of the life we live. It shares emotions. It’s a way to connect, to understand what others feel. This week, we sat down for a quick chat with prolific hit-maker, Jezzyken, to talk about his upcoming EP: Vibes Season

Interviewer: Welcome, Jezzy. Let’s get right into it. Why the name “Vibes Season”?

JezzyKen: Thank you. Uhhh… Unfortunately, the covid19 pandemic has brought a lot of pain, suffering and deaths. I thought it’d be nice to give people something to uplift their spirits. So, the name is a reflection of the intent, content and direction that I chose for this project.

Interviewer: Great. Very thoughtful. Why an EP?

JezzyKen: To begin with, EP is a great promotional tool. While singles are quick and easy to create, they don’t give people a full idea of what you can do. It is only one song after all. On the other hand, while an album can show off many different sides to you, it can be long and expensive to produce. So, EP is the middle ground. It’s long enough to showcase your talent.

Interviewer: I was privileged to hear song of the song on the EP and I couldn’t pick a favourite cause they are all classics. How did you pick the ones that made it to the project?

JezzyKen: Well, it was a difficult task for me and my team but in the end, we had to pick. You get? (Laughs). What we did was to stay on focus, look at the purpose of the project and make our selections based on the songs that gave off the vibes needed. For example, we had this wavy but conscious song about police brutality that we had to bench, simply because we wanted to focus on uplifting people’s spirit in these trying times.

Interviewer: Nice. I can’t wait. When is the EP dropping?

JezzyKen: Next week. On the 26th of June, 2020 which is significantly the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Interviewer: What do you want to be remembered for?

JezzyKen: Uhhh… I want to make a positive impact and leave a long lasting legacy of advancing peace, unity and equity.

Like most you, I am looking forward to 26th June, 2020 for release of the masterpiece. In the meantime, enjoy a teaser off the EP titled “Blow My Mind”.

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  1. God bless dream fm for giving young talent chance. Dis guy will blow there iz no doubt he is good with his songs and it is dansiable I like it

  2. True. Songs are really powerful. I remember when I was suicidal in 2017 after a painful breakup it was songs that got me through the bad time.

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